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AllowTech™ provides FPGA Design and Consulting Services. We collaborate with your team to deliver complex Verilog/VHDL designs on a tight schedule. We work closely with Altera and Xilinx to provide you with the most optimal solution for your designs.


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With FPGA requirements ranging from low-cost to complex designs, AllowTech will accelerate your product development cycle and increase your competitive advantage while reducing cost and risk.  

Contact us to discover the difference of using Top FPGA professionals committed to reliable and affordable service.


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“We considered AllowTech versus hiring two more engineers. By choosing AllowTech, we dramatically reduced our costs and brought to market a high quality product under a tight schedule”
Ofer Iny

CTO, Dune Networks


“AllowTech has provided us with professional services for over three years now; they have fully met and many times exceeded our expectations. These services included design, analysis, and testing of complex firmware, software, and logic circuits. Our relationship with AllowTech has resulted in a dramatic savings in engineering time, development cost, and time to market.”


Tom Sims

Program Manager, CPI Malibu