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Founded in 2005, AllowTech™ Inc. is a privately held company based in California.  AllowTech provides engineering services and products to the technology sector with the goal of enabling our customers to rapidly develop and deploy innovative and cost-effective FPGA based products.

We believe that flexibility, scalability and gradually declining prices, make FGPA technology the ultimate solution for many high-end, high speed applications as well as for low-cost, highly optimized mass-market applications.

We collaborate with our customers’ development teams and bring our hands-on experience and the most advanced technology to convert ideas into shipping products. Our FPGA consulting services vary from resolving crises through the design and verification of subsystems, to assuming full responsibility for complete projects from feasibility study through specification to a working product.

Our products complement our design services and include field-proven IP cores such as SPAUI, a highly efficient simulation environment and other productivity tools designed to accelerates the development process.
Our expertise in hardware design has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years. Our time-proven technology is at the core of over a hundred commercially deployed products with sales in excess of $100M to Tier-1 customers worldwide.

AllowTech specializes in the development of FPGA based applications for the following industries

AllowTech was founded and is currently headed by Moti Weizman, a seasoned engineer and high-tech veteran.  Prior to founding AllowTech, Moti held senior technical and managerial positions in leading companies including MRV communications, Zoran Corporation, and Dune networks. During his diverse career, Moti was responsible for the development of pioneering FPGA based products such as the world’s first 100Mb FDDI, a breakthrough motion JPEG video decompression and full featured 40 Gigabit network processor, all in a FPGA.

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“We considered AllowTech versus hiring two more engineers. By choosing AllowTech, we dramatically reduced our costs and brought to market a high quality product under a tight schedule”

Ofer Iny

CTO, Dune Networks