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FPGA Consulting Services


Allowtech is committed to deliver to our customers on-time, on-spec quality solutions

Our services vary from resolving crises through the design and verification of subsystems, to assuming full responsibility on complete projects from feasibility study through definition to a working product.  We provide solutions using leading FPGA vendors such as Altera, Xilinx, Lattice and Actell.  Our product development process includes: 

In conjunction with our technology partners, we provide turnkey working solutions including board design, manufacturing and more. From a customer perspective, we assume full responsibility and maintain a single point of contact to accelerate the design process and ensure smoother integration.

Allowtech has over a hundred commercially deployed products including complex, high speed (over 200Mhz), large scale projects. We leverage the latest cutting-edge technology to produce optimized, cost-effective solutions. With our system architecture capabilities and high-speed timing expertise, we can shrink an existing system to a single FPGA while achieving optimized fit and timing closure.


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“Allowtech professional services included comprehensive design reviews and detailed documentation to our full satisfaction. In addition the collaboration with our team was exceptional and dramatically shortened the design cycle”