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AllowTech's field-proven SPAUI and RXAUI core ensures maximum compatibility. 

Product Highlights


SPAUI combines the benefits of both XAUI and SPI4.2 standards into a single SERDES-based interface, supporting MAC/Framer, NPU, and Traffic Management interconnection requirements. The interface extends the XAUI interface by introducing channelization and packet interleaving, and by refined flow control. SPAUI is implementation-friendly, supported easily by SERDES-based FPGA devices, and is backward compatible with the standard XAUI. The flexibility, simplicity, and robustness of SPAUI make it an ideal interface for dense 10Gbps networking applications. Any vendor implementing XAUI can support SPAUI easily, foregoing the need for special encoding or any other major change in silicon.

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“AllowTech seamlessly fit a complex 200 Mhz design into an FPGA.  The team was instrumental in completing product definition, which they followed up with complete design, verification and debug services to bring our product to market in record time.”